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Tyler is 9 months old and still feeds at night, he's not the best at eating solids and when he feeds at night he takes a whole bottle so am in no doubt its hunger, so i need to up his day feeding and start weaning the night feeds otherwise we'll still be doing it when he's 15...

At the moment before his last bottle he has a tea (BLW) and then porridge before his bedtime bottle which he drains. So along with this bottle he has 4 x 7oz during the day, but left sufficient time so he's not full up on bottle. Then he will wake anytime between 10-2 for food and then sometimes again, sometimes not depending on when he feeds. He then wakes about 6am and will have another bottle (but is not starving) before his breakfast at 8am.

Has anyone successfully weaned a baby of Ty's age of night feeding without CC ? If so, how did you do itr and how long did it take ?
I'm not going to start until he's over his current teething as he is in quite abit of pain...



  • Sam didn't stop needing night feeds until he was eating 3 good meals a day, which was almost 3 months into weaning.

    Are you doing pure BLW or do you mean you are giving finger foods for dinner? If it's pure BLW I think it's normal to still be drinking a lot of milk, if he hasn't yet quite got the hang of it all.

    However, if you're doing traditional weaning (purees AND finger food), I would say do finger food meal at lunchtime and give some carby stodgy puree at dinner (ie mashed potato with loads of other veg and cheese - Sam LOVES this). If he also has dessert I don't think he should have porridge before bed as well.

    If he's still waking for feeds at night after all that I think he may just need it unfortunately! As you say, he is draining the milk and still having milk in the morning, so not just waking for attention.
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