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  • ok i agree about not replyin and letting the post drop down and ignored (im also guilty of replying sorry sorry sorry i cant help it they make me cross) however this same troll is posting in other forums and asking for details and photo's of peoples children ....some of us are quite trusting on here (well i was!) and like to make friends so therefore need to know when someone is potentially dangerous .....is this y it has been reported perhaps too???
  • It is wrong to reply I agree, but when I said I was taking police advice, I wasnt meaning calling 999. They have non emergency numbers and that is what they are there for (says the person whos hubby takes emergency and non emergency calls) Whilst I do agree they have other more important issues, people should not have to put up with vile messages. I hope BE do contact someone personally! Perhaps then this person will think twice about this. Who knows what else they've been up to? I like this forum because we can discuss issues like grown ups and agree to disagree, which is why i'm replying to this as we're all entitled to our opinions whether others think they are right or wrong. xxx
  • I would be upset, but I wouldn't take it to the level that's got to here! I would just carry on, but I suppose that I have a different personality to you.

    Anyway I'm used to being insulted on a weekly basis while walking down the street, so I most be hardened to nasty comments

    and my god son has downs, and he is the happiest baby I know!

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  • chuffedbaby2, my point exactly (about the photos, it's not right and specialist branches of the police do deal with this and it's what they're paid for). xxx
  • No-one should have to suffer abuse of any sort. Whether or not your child has downs or is diasbled you still do not deserve to be victimised for it. To call someones child who you can quite clearly isnt disabled 'disabled' is very hurtful. Someone commented on my daugher once and said she looked like she had downs, just because she had a swollen face. I was incredibly hurt by it, and did cry. I couldnt imagine someone being that nasty about an innocent child. Yes replying to these posts is probably very childish, but sometimes you just cant help it!

  • I can understand both points of view on this,but i do have to say i agree with Hedgie,Joanne and Mcrvamp,ignorging is the best thing to do,just ignore and report.I personally dont think 4leaf is the same troll but possibly connected?!?!
    Anyway this is just my opinion,though Its easy for me to take this view as no one insulted my lo...if they had i would be very annoyed and would have to say something...
  • I am a little frustrated by how defensive people are getting, remember we are all friends, mums and all here to support each other.

    Just because a few of us have voiced our CONCERNS, suddenly we are not capable of empathy? I appreciate that having your baby called a name is not pleasant but you'd think we'd been hit by a tsunami.

    There have been a few ladies who have said what would you do if it were your baby, well I stated my original post after putting many days worth of thought in to it. Believe it or not your baby is not the first nor will it be the last baby to be insulted. It will not be the last of her life either and somehow you have to teach her how to cope by leading as an example. And yes I have had some pretty horrible things said about my children, frankly far worse than just about their appearance.

    I have grown very fond of you all over the very supportive and slightly crazy time I have shared with you. I don't expect you to feel exactly as I do, nor do I think any differently of you because of that. Please don't assume we are against you simply because we are concerned for you.

  • Katie, how does it get onto facebook? You can't 'contact' anyone unless you know then 1st, right?? Why do these things keep happening!
  • Oh and well done btw because yet again we all arguing! :roll:

    Was this for me katie?

  • Please lets not fight again girls. This is such a great forum. Perhaps I shouldn't have replied, but Hedgie I just wanted to explain to you why I feel it is something the police would take seriously. I do'nt expect you to change your opinion, but when you say to grow up, I don't think it's really a fair comment. Not all women who have children are as intelligent as yourselves, and I certainly know of a few who wouldnt think twice about sending pics of their LOs with the promise of them appearing on a website. Personally I think of course there are a lot of members who are not who they say they are, but with regards to the current goings on, each thing individually may not appear as much, but combined it is a serious offence if it is all the same person, and the Internet Crimes section of the police would look into it. The police do not only deal with rapes and murders is what I was trying to say, they have branches which look into suspected online sex offenders. I can see you weren't trying to cause an arguement, and neither was I, just felt I would justufy what I meant. I know I don't need to, but surely i'm allowed to give my reasoning. xxx
  • I meant "justify" incidentally :lol: xxx
  • Lol Joanne, you sound like me at home! Hubby doesnt like differences of opinions. If he said he fancied chicken for dinner and I said pork, he'd say it was an arguement! xxx
  • I agree with joanne, its time we all rise above it and ignore the posts BUT i do really understand why people are upset when their los are involved, its not nice. BE is seriously being ruined by all this xxx
  • And whats the bet that Becki and all the other trolls over the last couple of days are sitting at their computers anon reading this and laughing their asses off at us..... Were all singing from the same hymn sheet, but we need to let this drop
  • I just think if someone was to say that to you down the street what would you do? Yes this person is weird and has serious issues but lets face it before she started insulting everyone was playing along with it with their replies and then it got nasty. I agree the police wont do much as they are busy enough as it is like others have said murderers etc..

    Personally i would laugh at someone saying that about my baby when they are as gorgeous and perfect as yours are as its jealousy and you know what they are saying is completely ridiculous. However saying that I looked after my friends little girl last night and cos her dad didnt like it (mum n dad not together) he said i do not want my daughter staying with that retarded baby George!! Well I went mad my son is fucking deaf not retarded and who the hell gives him the right to say that when he has offspring all over the place at 21!! He already has3 by 2 different mums and another on way!! He will however not be getting away with it when hubby catches up with him. I know this is different and there are no ways over the internet to react differently from the way we all do but we shouldnt be arguing with each other if we see it all differently as what would the world be like if we were all the same and thought the same? BORING!!.

    Sorry I have probably rambled on contradicted myself a thousand times and now you are all snoring I am myself lol.

    Lets just all get on with everything as normal. xxx
  • oh madnbella thats so ignorant of him! You dont need that kind of attitude towards your son! i would kick his arse if i was your hubby! lol! George is gorg by the way! And i think you have a really positive attitude towards Georges deafness and that will make such a difference when he's growing up with it! Iv often thought that when reading your posts
  • TBH I am still pretty fuming about it to be honest but he is a mouthy little runt who gets these girls pregnant doesnt work and is an absolute twat who thinks he is it doesnt help that when i say runt i mean runt as i am 5"2 and he is my height!! My hubby however is not so little and neither are his mates and i have told them i dont want him beating up as i dont like that too much cos he has got kids but i want them to scare him somehow so much that he bloody wets himself and cries his eyes out!!

    I feel like i need to protect george that little bit more as he is going to go through life people making comments at hi. Thast why it upset me more that an adult was picking holes in a childs medical condition! He couldnt say anything about the girls! xx
  • Rebecca and Splodge,

    I'm sorry if I made you feel I was saying people need to grow up, by saying that lo has to learn by their example I meant regardless of what we choose to do our children only know how to respond to situations by our reactions to them. There isn't a specific best way, I had simply been trying to give my opinion. I had meant to say that I had been thinking about it from the perspective of if it was my child and how I would want them to see me react. I am however very sorry if you or any one else felt I was trying to say anyone was not intelligent. That was not at all my objective.

  • Hi hun. It was just the grow up it's not a school yard bit, but when I read i back I don't think you meant the police part of your post, more the everyone replying and arguing part. No need to apologise at all. Just wanted to explain my reasoning behind my police comments to the trouble maker earlier. I will be ignoring their future posts, just wanted to point out that it can be dealt with to the troublemaker and that they would look at all elements not just what has occured on this site. Was hoping it might worry them into backing off a bit as I don't think that everyone will always ignore them. xxx
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