Maracajacks or baby sensory?

Hi all. Has anyone done either of these classes? I want to do something with Riley that'll stimulate him a bit. We go to a baby group, but now he's a lot more active and able to play more, i'd love to do something musical with him. Was wondering what your experiences are of these clubs as they are both in our local area, but can't decide which to pick. Will maybe try to go to watch one. Thanks in advance for any replies. xxx


  • I take Isla to Baby Sensory - she loves it and so do I, so much that I've decided to run their classes in my local area. I've tried loads of other classes but not Maracajacks so I can't compare the two. Baby Sensory is loads better than the music classes that run in my area though. You can take Riley to a Baby Sensory class for free to try it out - why don't you ask Maracajacks if you can do the same then you can test both and see which you both prefer.

    We're driving an hour either way to get to our nearest baby sensory class at the mo - but it's definitely worth it, xxx
  • Thanks for the reply, that sounds like a good idea. Will give them a call tomorrow. Running your own sounds great! Was looking at their site and thinking maybe it'd be an idea if I like it as I was looking for a franchise I could get stuck into. Have you got more details on running your own? Was looking at the photos and wondering if you have to pay for all the toys and equipment as well as buying a franchise? xxx
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