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Settling in sessions


I return to work p/t (2 days) in 2 weeks. I haven't heard from my nursery yet about settling in sessions - I do know that they do them and will call them later today about it - and wondered when I should expect to go and how many I should have?

I asked them about food etc. but was told we would sort that at the settling in session. I was assuming that I would go once when I would stay with lo, then I would leave him for a short while and then I would leave him for a bit longer so min. 3 sessions. Is this unreasonable?

Funny, ordinarily I'd love some time on my own but I am beginning to resent having to leave him there as we have so little time left together (apart from the other 5 days a week ;\) !) ... :cry:



  • 2 sessions is standard at most nurseries I investigated, though the odd one did 3. It rather depends on what they want to cover.
  • Hi

    Thanks for that. Didn't get a chance to call them today but will do tomorrow. It's good to know what the norm is!

  • in my nursery ..1st settle session is 30 mins with mum .second one is 1hr 30 mins alone and the 3rd is over a meal time ....if baby doesnt settle they will ask mum to arrange a couple more xxx
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