Sorry to bring this subject up again! I really hate it myself!

But if BE had banned a certain person, how come they where online and were able to post last night?

I did report it so hopefuly it will happen if it wasn't already done.



  • hmm strange - i havnt seen any posts by this person from last night - must have missed them! where did she post?
  • i've missed all this, whats been going on? xx
  • Oh I never go into pregnancy!

    They only posted once on baby!

    I don't know if it was aimed at me or Mum to 1's lo!
  • The report button still isn't working, I tried to report their posts twice last night and just got a delivery failure report. I'm guessing that BE have no idea she is still posting as we can't report it. It's appaling really, having an unmoderated forum that doesn't even have a working report post function.
  • I reported, and I didn't get a faliure report, so hopefuly they might do something this time!
  • Hi
    I saw the posts last night and think its completly disgusting that this 5leaf can still come back on.If you click on my other topics for 5leaf you can still see its the same person posting from last weekend.They haven't even bothered to block that person!!!!
    I am so annoyed about the disgusting comments they made - I know we just have to ignore them but I think babyexpert has let us all down !!!

    Maybe a petition post ??? to the Wed editor or something
  • Yeah we ignored their post on here last night and it seemed to have worked, because there was only one on baby last night!
  • Hi Ladies,
    Im gatecrashing from pregnancy.
    I also tried to report IT last night but got failure notices. I know a week or so ago there was a post from web ed over here on baby that gave an email address if the report button wasn't working. I tried to find the thread last night but couldn't, so was wondering if anyone noted it down or remembers it?

    Naomi xx
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