What should i do about milk?

My son is nearly 11 months old and has cut his milk down even further already to about 8oz a day (6oz in the morning and 1 or 2 at night) . He was having two 8oz bottles (one at 6.30am and one at 7pm) and the health visitor said this was fine as he gets plenty of cheese, yogurts etc. He now seems to be stopping his 7pm one and only having an oz or 2 although he managed 4oz last night. Nothing has changed in our routine and he still has meals at the same time etc but seems to not want the milk at this time. What should i do to get him to drink more or is it ok for him to be stopping it as he is regulating his intake. He has vitamin drops aswell. He has had a bug and stopped eating and drinking his milk for a few days but seems to be fine with his eating again but just hasn't gone back to drinking the milk.

I should also mention that he is still sleeping through the night and getting up at normal time so i assume that if he is hungry he wouldn't be sleeping.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Charlene and Alfie


  • Hi

    Not sure if I can help as lo is only 7 months. But he has recently been messing around with his milk intake, due to weaning I presume.

    As long as you are giving dairy, and lo is having a balanced diet, you can't force babies to take milk! It's supposed to be 17-20oz up to a year. From a year I think it's 10-12oz or thereabouts.

    Personally I would let lo lead you. Keep trying, but try not to stress to much if he doesn't want it. HTH. xx
  • Thanks you. That has made me feel a bit better. As he is nearly 1 and 8-9 oz wont be far off the mark of what he is meant to be having. XX
  • Was hoping it would help. As I say my lo should be having 17-20oz, and some of the time is only taking 15oz from 4 bottles! But he has milk in his breakfast, and yoghurts, dairy desserts, cheesy sauce meals and petit filous that sort of thing. So not too worried. :\) xx
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