How often do you bath your lo?

Just wanted to know what everyone does? We do every 2nd day but my mil says everyday? My lo is nearly one.


  • Kelsie is 16 months, Jack is 4 months tomorrow and they bath every other night.

  • It depends really lo is 7 months and we aim for every night (should be up there now but oh has started without me!) but if he's too tired or we're late then we leave it. Wouldn't like him to go more than a few days without a proper full on wash! Am sure it will change as he gets older x
  • we do every other night x
  • every other night as it dries jacks skin out too much, although he loves it and i would like to do it more often.

  • We do every night as Max LOVES a bath and it has never effected his skin - it's part of his routine now and he just loves his half hour or so in the water splashing and chatting and playing with his toys - he's 14 months
  • I am so jelous!!!Jake hates the bath...although if i get in with him which doesnt happen very often he is bearable. He has really dry skin so HV has said to bath him once a week. I really want to take him swimming though because i have always been a water baby but dont want to if he is going to scream after two minutes. Hopefully he will get used to the bath at some point!
  • From 2days old she had a bath everyday. Unless too tired or back late etc. Now she is 16 months she loves a bath, is part of her routine and now that she is feeding herself....well I don't really have a choice as she wears more then she eats. LoL

    X X X
  • Zacky has never been bathed everyday as he has dry skin. We try to aim for baths every 2-3 days.
  • Lucy has a bath every night, she absolutely loves the bath! x
  • Nathan baths every 2-3 days. He loves it but gets a bit dry, also cant fit it in when I'm working. I only wash his hair about once per week though as its so glossy I dont want to dry it out.

  • My lo has one once a week!!! It did go as long as 11 days once image He has severe eczema and limiting baths has helped a lot. But the eczema is improving so I'm trying to introduce more he does love the water!
    I may sound like a bad mummy but he doesn't get dirty. He is 9 1/2 months, and not crawling, he does finger feed most meals but wears those coverall bibs.
    If you think about it the only bits of a baby that gets dirty are their face (and under their chin), hands and bum, and Gabe has these cleaned regularly and washed before bed too.
    Gabe has the top n tail instead of a bath and he sleeps through fine!
  • TL- you don't sound like a bad mummy at all, we bath Erin every nigt if i'm here but my oh won't do it on his own so if i'm working lates or nights then she doesn't get one. But if erin had any skin probs i wouls do the same as you.
  • We bath Rhys every other night x
  • My 3 have a bath together everynight and have done since about 2 or 3 months? They get so dirty after dinner, babywipes just wont do it! I like them going to bed all clean and relaxed, its just part of their routine x
  • Maybe I bath jamie to much. he has a bath twice a day. At night for night time routine and in the morning cos he oftern poos in the night and feel bad not giving him a good wash. oh btw he's 6 months x
  • Every other night for my two.

    There has been times when i've nearly gone a full week but they've had like a top and tail wash instead. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • When lo was little she used to be bathed everyother dya. However, often it became daily or twice daily as she had a bath after she had done a dirty nappy. the last 3mths or so she has a bath 2 times a week out of habit now since the first cold spell. Was too cold to bath in the cold spell as the bathroom was 9 and was still qutie cold when heater was on.

    Like TL said, she wears long sleeved bibs for meals so her hands, neck and face get washed three times a day. Her bottom gets washed with aqueous cream every time I change her nappy which is what people put in their baths too. So you could say she has a bottom/top of legs wash 4 times a day min. She does enjoy her bath, once the weather gets warmer I will be more willing to increase her baths to 3-4 times a week.

    applejack...a morning bath always seems a good idea the amount of wee she produces in the nigth! However my lo has her bath in the evening before bed so I think I might upset the pattern.
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