what times to give food??

millie is 4 months and loves her food but im not sure when to give it?? sometimes she goes 3 hours for her bottle other times 4 hours. if she has a bottle at 11 when should i give food 1pm? or 2pm when her bottles due? or just b4 its due? ahh so confussing! i've been giving breakfast just b4 bottle then she'l finish it with her bottle and if i give dinner normally inbetween feeds and same with tea ( she has 2 meals at min) what does everyone else do?? xxx

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  • does she have her bottle after?
  • yeh millie only goes 3-4 hours i dont know whether to carry on giving it inbetween or give dinner when her bottles due (after 3 hours )then she may go 4 hours and have her bottle an hour later.
  • or could try giving dinner straight after her lunch time bottle like ilovemygeek does ahh im so confussed with it all!! she eats all her food at min and still has her bottle after so should i just carry on with that? she will just go longer inbetween feeds eventually when she takes more food wont she? xx
  • Hi

    Brodie is 19 weeks and sleeps around 12 hours at night but still manages 5 bottles -he has bottles at

    he is only on 1 meal just now at his 1pm bottle - i just give him his bottle then his solids straight after - i'm afraid it doesn't make him go longer before feeds - we have been doing this for just over 3 weeks now and i'm thinking of introducing a meal at either his 10am bottle or 4pm bottle - I think i am right in saying when u have started weaning they should still be having all their bottles til at least 6 months - he's not showing any interest in dropping a bottle

  • Hi,

    at 4 months the most important thing is that she needs to drink all her milk as this is where everything she needs comes from and food is just a supplement.

    With louise (5 months now, started weaning at 4 months) she has a feed at around 8am, then breakfast at 9am. I try to give her lunch about 30 mins to an hour after her morning feed. I am finding though she doesn't eat much at this feed - I'm not sure if this is because she's not keen on the food or not hungry enough! I then give her dinner at 5-5.30 as then I know she'll be ready for her night milk feed by 7.30.
  • Barney has all his milk feeds and solid feeds at different times. He has milk when he wakes up, normally 7-7.30ish, breakfast at 8.20 (when Millie has watched Peppa Pig :roll: ) milk at 11, lunch at 12.30, milk at 3, tea at 5.30 and then milk at 7 before bed. He also has a dream feed and one feed in the night. I found when I was weaning Millie that if she had milk and solids together she didn't eat much of either and that spreading them out worked better.
  • my son has his breakfast at 8 then bottle about 9 then lunch between 12.30 and 1 then bottle about 2 then tea around about 5.30 then last bottle at 7. bed by 8.
  • thanks millie has been having her bottles at 7, 10, 1,4 and 7pm same as happy G. she still has all her bottles i think that giving her the food inbetween works best, she loves her cow and gate cereal but doesnt get up til 9.30am so then she wants her bottle so i think i'll give her the cereal at 11am an hour after her bottle then dinner about 5ish hour after her 4pm feed seems to work quite well so far! i dont know what i'll do when shes on 3 meals but that be for quite a while yet, if i do it inbetween feeds when shes older will she drop a feed on her own? xxx
  • Kelsie 14 months has her breakfast at 8am, dinner at 1pm, and tea at 5pm. Roughly!!! Has milk with breakfast, milk at 3pm, and milk before bed at 630pm.

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