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Evening ladies

My gorgeous man is 27 weeks, he's been in the pushchair version of his travel system since about 13 weeks and loves it (well until recently when he can get a little bored!) but its not very lightweight and i'd quite like a lightweight pushchair that doesn't look cheap and isn't flimsy.

Can I have your recommendations please ladies?

Thank you xxxxx


  • Hi my not so little man is 28 weeks, i jave recently brought the Britax B mobile and love it. It is lightweight about 6.5kg but looks really sturdy. Also the seat is quite large which is something i wanted as I don't think he will be a small lad, 9kg already. My dd is 2 1/2 years and there is plenty of room for her and she is really comfortable, it is also very easy to push one handed with her in. I have only seen I other person with this pushchair but it is quite new. I got it from Kiddicare x
  • We've just bought the O'Baby Atlas Sport from Mothercare and it is really lightweight, has little pads on the straps for babys shoulders and a head hugger as well. Has a zip in the back of the hood for purse, keys etc. Has matching raincover. Carry handle also when folded up. Would def recommend it. Oh, was ??72 as its down from ??90 to ??80 anyway then got 10% off that is off all pushchairs in Mothercare at the mo.

  • Hi there,

    have followed quite some threads on this topic. The ones mostly recommended for very lightweight and easy to fold are:

    Baby Jogger City Mini

    Petite Star Zia

    Quinny Zapp (does not recline thought)
    Quinny Senzz (that does recline but is new and rather pricey)

    Hope that helps.
    Best Hopi (also Nov mummy)

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  • Just bought the Whizzi from Mothercare, very easy to get up and down, and throw in the boot. Has a rain cover included (not sure if they all do?) but what I liked was the high handles. Me and hubbie are quite tall and they are just right x
  • I have the silver cross pop, love it, and i think it's pretty lightweight.

    maybe you could ring mothercare and ask them which are the pushchairs? x

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