Won a trip to OZ

Holy S**t my hubby has just won a trip to OZ leaving in 2 weeks for us both its for 8 nights and he won it through bushmills website. I have just started a new job and not sure they will give it too me off if they dont the company will pick someone else we cant give it to someone else. Luke cant come as its a trek but my mum said she will look after him. They give us spending money and everything. My only prob is i really dont wanna leave Luke but i know it is the trip of a lifetime.


  • wow u are so lucky!! definately go hun as u said, its the trip of a lifetime! I'm sure ur lo will be absolutely fine x
  • The only thing is with my employer is that my hiubbys mum live in brisbane and we are going out at end of Jan so i have a month already bookd off, although they new about that before i took the job.
  • You lucky thing, I'm sure work will understand, and I'm sure lo will love to stay with Grandma for a week.!
  • Awww thanks girls i will let use know tomorrow evening if work allows us the time off
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