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27 Degrees in nursery

What should i dress Connor in to sleep, I was thinking just a nappy does that sound about right? Both his windows are open and its still 27!


  • aww, its horrible isnt it, the girls room is also 27 with the window open. ive jus been putting lolah to bed in just a nappy and vest. xxx
  • i going to put toby to bed in just a nappy might cover him over with a thin sheet when i go up later
  • Charlotte's room is 29 tonight!!!!!!!!!!

    She's in a nappy and 1 tog sleep bag as I don't want her to get chilly (!!)

    This heat/humidity is killing me. Finding it very hard to do things with lo and it's making me feel a bit sickly tbh.
  • yup, it's a nappy for us too!! I covered her with a sheet late last night after her 2am feed xx
  • Yup we've put Alf down with just his nappy on, a fan on full and the windows open and it's still 26 degrees! So hard to know what to do for the best isn't it? Feel like I can cover him up if he gets cold and he'll still be asleep but if he's too warm I'll wake him up trying to get layers off him!
    Bring on the cooler weather eh?!
  • We've put Ava down in just a nappy too..... its sooooo hot!
  • Barney has a nappy and his sleeping bag on. It's 27 in his room with the fan on, but I know he'll be cold over night without the bag.
  • Just realised I'd not answered your question - doh!

    I would put a vest over him or a thin sheet as he could get cold overnight as your body temp drops when sleeping. Or if he's in a sleep bag put that over him with just his nappy on.

    I've just checked the weather forecast for the next few days and it should be cooler at the weekend.........:\)

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  • Hi thanks for the replies!
    I worry he might get cold too, the problem is with Connor if hes in anything but a sleepsuit he wont have a sheet or blanket on him and he hates grobags!
    QB he is 9.5 months
    think i may put him in a vest but take off if he needs it. Its easier to take one off when hes asleep than put one on!
  • lol ccb, i know what you mean about the heat i cant be bothered to do anything!
  • Abby's room is 29 tonight - it was 28 yesterday and she slept well in a vest and 0.5 tog sleeping bag. She has all the windows open and a fan over her cot. I also put her down staright after a cool bath as that definitely helps her cool down.

    However I'm not the best person to ask as Abby overheated on Friday and I panicked and drove her to the local A&E at midnight. By the time we got there she was fine but it was a scary moment.

    A 9.5 month old baby should cry if he's too hot or too cold. However younger babies should be watched much more closely in this weather - you are probably safer to underdress.

    H xx
  • Yeah and I stupidly did some gardening this morning and I was absolutely wet thru with sweat after 10 mintues it was gross. Have had 3 cold showers to day!!! Even Charlotte has decided to stay indoors!
  • Gabe's in just a vest (and nappy obviously). He has been for past few nights. I put a light blanket on him when I go to bed at about 11pm cos if I just leave him in a vest all night he gets chilly. I hate not having him in his sleeping bag as he's always fussy without it!
  • austin is in his 0.5 tog sleep bag tonight, last night and tonight i've given his vest a miss as our room has gone up to 28????c.and thats with the windows open. xx
  • I think just a vest and nappy is fine. All 3 of mine are just wearing vests 2nite, no covers and windows open! Its just so hot!!
  • daisys room is 27 windows open same as last night and it only dropped to 26 she is in short sleeved pjs no bag i cant put a sheet over in night cus she cant keep still but no doubt shell end up in with me later!! she has been so hard to get to sleep last 2 nights though think she likes having her bag on. mind you i have to have quilt on me know matter how hot i am just to get to sleep then i kick it off. i agree with others id put a vest on him and maybee a sheet later good to hear every one in similar position. 29 is hot though 28 is highest ours has got.
  • Dylan is in nappy & vest...his room is 29 degrees!! I sound mean, but i don't have his window wide open as he'd be in a draft (its on night lock, so a bit of air comes in). He seems comfortable, as his sleeping habits haven't changed at night!

    His bedroom has reached 32 before! For some reason our upstairs seems to get ridiculously hot in the summer - each year i say we'll buy a proper air con unit as a fan doesn't do much, have been here 5 years & still not got one!!

    Sarah x

  • Nathaniels room wavers between 21 and 23 at night at the mo, so he is in a nappy and sleepsuit, I keep the window open a few inches so the air doesn't get too stuffy and he sleeps just fine like that.
    I keep his curtains shut during the day with the window wide open which stops the sun heating the room so it never goes over 25 in there.
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