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I need help

My little girl is on SMA gold and has had upto 7 dirty/soft nappies but is feeding fine and is not upset can be slighlty at night feed. I have heard that this formula is heavy for babies need advice !!

Was thinking of changing the milk but need advice on which brand works for everyone!!!!:\)

She is 4 weeks


  • George has cow and gate too, and he has always beeb fine on it. He has on average 2-3 poos a day!

    Ask your hv for advise though, before changing.
  • 7 is loads, but I don't think the formula could be affected that. I'd speak to your HV cos if anything changing formulas can give babies runny nappies and even more changes in that department!

    Gabe was on SMA Gold to start and had about 1 soft poo a day which was fine, I then changed to SMA White cos he was so hungry (feeding 6oz every 2.5 hours at 5 weeks old) but that made him so constipated. so I changed to C&G hungry baby and hes been fab on that.

    Personally SMA gold was OK for Gabe but i understand that it's not for all babies x
  • Harry started off on SMA gold but then we had an 'issue' - shall we say - with the company and now i refuse to buy SMA.

    He changed onto Cow and Gate and its fantastic. Plus you don't need to find a bloody knife or something to scrape the top of the scoop everytime you make milk!

  • Whalemummy, I absolutely hate that scoop leveller in the c&g pack lol so I always use a knife anyway. My scoops never seem to be right when I use it!
  • I find that if you angle the cow and gate box a little it works better than have the box sat upright.
  • Evie is a cow and gate gal! She's been on it since birth and haven't had any probs. 7 poos sounds like a lot so just mention it to your hv before you change.

    I had to change my eldest daughters milk from aptamil to cow and gate and then to cow and gate comfort which seemed to help loads (she had a sensitive tummy).

  • JJ is fine on SMA gold, my hv said bottlefed babies can for days without doing a poo and thats perfectly normal but JJ does 1-2 every day and we have no problems at all...JJ used to do loads of poos then suddenly over night just went to 1 poo a day so u might find that also happens to long as shes feeding fine, seems fine and is putting on weight i wouldnt worry but take advice from ur hv if ur worried image x

  • Thanks for all the advice I am going to sww hv before changing but i think i will def change.

    will prob try cow and gate and see how i go

  • hey dj was pooing loads for his first 3 weeks, now hes on nutrimigen for milk protein allergy...
    id ask doc to be checked as dj was still putting on weight..
  • Yeah

    My little girl is the same she is putting on weight it is just really all this pooy nappies.

    going to check with hv and see what she suggests.
  • Just to let you all know I have to put in a sample to check milk intolerance and also protein so it is also to reassure me as I have been worried but feel slightly more relaxed since speaking to hv.
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