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Hi ladies.

my little girl is just 12 days old and so far i haven't tried to get her into any kind of routine cuz she's so young, and i currently just follow her lead and do whatever she wants, but i would like to get her into some sort of routine as soon as i can and just wondered how to go about it... or when to try and start it..?

The only routine we currently have is around 7/8pm i get her ready for bed in her sleepsuit and give her a bottle, she then goes down for a nap till around 10.30/11pm then she has a change, bottle and goes to bed when we do... and every other day she has a bath before i put her pyjamas on...

Just wondered if some of you ladies would mind telling me at what age you started trying to get LO into a routine and also how did you go about it?

Michelle & Phoebe - 12 days..


  • hi, i started doing what u do now at about 3 weeks with ds and then from about six weeks he started getting himself into a recognisable routine, ie he'd want a feed roughly every 3hours of his own accord, so just let him find his way and the rest followed suit. the main thing for us was setting a 'bedtime', which u've alreday done (although we would do this around 9/9.30pm), so don't put too much pressure on urself, thinsg will bgin to fall into place within a few weeks, and by 6 weeks he was sleeping from 11pm-5am without waking.

    hth xx

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  • I had to get my boys into a routine fairly quickly, although their 10 days in NICU did help! We just started with bedtime. Although it was normally 10pm as that was when daddy would get home, we would always bath them, give them their final feed and put them down in their cot. It wasnt until they were about 8 or 9 weeks that we began trying a daytime routine, and even then, we took it from them. They would feed every 3 hours (and they did this right up until they were fully weaned) so I began the EASY routine loosely. We would feed them, change them and play with them, then they would have a sleep...this lasted till they were about 15 weeks! Then sleeps went a bit haywire!

    What im trying to say is, yes, have a feeding routine as regular feeding is really helpful, but I wouldnt worry about anything else just yet. Even when you do sort a routine, you can often get it right for 2 or 3 weeks then something changes. We have had a bedtime routine, which hasnt changed, apart from the time, since they were 3 months old.

    We have more of a definite routine now they are weaned and have meals at a certain time. Even then, they dont have a sleep routine.

    One thing I always did, I always went out for a walk with the buggy at 11, after their 10am bottle. This guaranteed they had a morning nap, even if I couldnt get them both to take another one!

    HTH and sorry for the waffle. Its slightly harder for me with 2 of them anyway so I may not help but just giving a view! lol!
  • hello and congrats on your LO, what a gorgeous name!

    we started at about 8 weeks but our LO was very unsettled and our routine helped him get his core sleep,

    i would say if you are both happy i would stick to her lead, the only routine we did at that point was bath, bed and bottle starting at 6pm, the rest was babyled until 12 weeks when he started to drop all night feeds and we changed to 3 hourly day feeding instead of 4 hourly to get enough milk into him. we now at 25 weeks have a rountine day and night which we have had since about 15 weeks

    with our next baby i will probably start at about 6 weeks, its good to enjoy the no routine in the early weeks image if it works for you that is
  • Hey. We did exactly the same (and still do really). Started a bedtime routine from about 2 weeks and then we freestyle during the day! Seems to work for us. Matilda is 9 weeks now and seems pretty happy with it all! I guess I will try to implement something a little more structured at some point...

    K x
  • I tried getting my lo into a routine-he was having non of it! Some babies thrive on structure others prefer to go with the flow. At 6 months, he fell into his own natural rythum.

    Sorry ive not answered your question but just wanted to say not to stress if a routine doesn't work out, it's very early days xx
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