help finding mothercare toy plz!

if anybody could find the big version of this elephant:

i would be eternally grateful as my darling OH dropped it in the potty tonight and it's now discontinued!!! if anyone has one to sell or spots one online somewhere can you please please let me know, thanx girls!


  • will it not go in the washing mashine?
  • hey hun, we're going to try but it's a very over loved toy so not too sure if it will survive lol

  • Put him in a pillowcase and bunch it closed with a hairband or elastic band. He will get washed without being bashed and pulled about so much in the machine.
  • o no that sucks if i spot one ill let ya no
  • oooh thanks for that tip maenad!

    and thanks lammy x
  • We have the bigger one (also much loved so I'm afraid I can't let you have it, sorry) and have put it through the washing machine and it came out fine - I was worried because my mum made quite a few of our soft toys go funny washing them when we were kids, but the elephant is exactly the same as before.
    I agree with the tip of putting it in a pillowcase though, I always wash toys like that

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