Help! high fever since yesterday

Hello All

Ever since sunday lo is a bit down and caught up wit high fever last evening at 7pm. Am giving him Calpol after every 4 hours...but his temperature only varies between 38.5 and 39.5. met t doc in t morning who suggested to give ibrufen (sorry dont remember t spelling) which I gave at 12noon and he was a happy baby until 4pm today... but now again his temperature has sored to 38 and 39 image dont know wat I should do tonite image

waiting for your replies and advise


  • I would call NHS Direct right away if he has a high temp- they are really good and will talk you through his symptoms and tell you what to do. Hope he is feeling better soon.
  • Totally agree with Poz get on to NHS direct they will ask you lots of questions and then offer their advice. Normally the nurse will ring you back and they are wonderful. When Alf had his fall they were great and rang back the next day to see how he was. 0845 46 47 by the way! Hope he's better soon xx
  • oh did tat last nite that to twice and all they said was strip him and keep him cold... but again his temperature goes high and he is really shivering ... now its high time I can't keep him cold like this for 24 hours .. u see its not helping much keeping him without much clothes...his temperature goes up again
  • Right, if you are worried and NHS direct haven't helped A&E. Really hope you get him seen and he's feeling more himself soon. Let us know how he is xxx
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