10 month old suddenly fighting sleep

I am probably writing this to get it off my chest as I feel as though I am about to lose my rag.

G has had a really good routine up until the past week. He would get up early (5.30am ish) and then have breakfast around 7am followed by a sleep of around an hour. He would then sleep again after lunch for about 40 mins. His bedtime routine was also pretty good and he could fall asleep on his own.

This past week has been a nightmare. He is clearly tired as he is still getting up very early but now he just wants to stand up in his cot all the time, crying, rubbing his eyes etc. Every time I lay him back down he just immediately gets back up. He is the same for the afternoon nap and settling him in the evening is also proving difficult. I have tried to help him settle by using my little finger as a dummy but he then just starts to laugh/giggle which really winds me up.

Is this the end of napping as we know it? Should I just forget about him sleeping in the morning? Should I just perservere until he is asleep or get him out of his bed and let him play?

Hubby has been home this past week on annual leave. Do you think that this could have mucked up his routine?

HELP! I am at my wits end.




  • Bea is nearly 11 months and we have had a nightmare weekend with naps. She had 30 mins in total yesterday and the same today. She has red tired eyes but just will not sleep. She has only slept in the car as I have given up and taken her out of her cot after an hour of sitting there while she messed around/cried etc. I really hope it is a short phase or because we've had a busy weekend as its been torture.

    She did go through something similar a few weeks ago when she would have huge tantrums at nap times so 'm hoping this is just another phase.

    Last time she had recently started crawling and now she has just started talking (well, saying peppa pig mostly) so I don't know if its just being on overdrive from learning a new skill.
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