London St. Thomas' anyone?


Gatecrashing from Pregnancy / Due in May 2010, wondering if any of you lovely ladies had your LOs at Tommy's?

I'm due to give birth there in a few months (I'm currently 19+5) and although I've heard excellent things about it as a hospital in general, I don't know anyone who's delivered / received postnatal care there.

Any reports (good or bad!) would be useful.

Thankyou :\)


  • Yes I had my LO at St Thomas' in September. I have only good things to say about them. It was a very positive experience (I was in the home from home birth centre).

    A friend of mine is a doctor and he has pulled some strings to get his wife booked in there to give birth because of its reputation so I guess that's reassuring too.

    Some of my NCT friends did not enjoy staying on the postnatal ward though but I didn't stay there so can't comment.

    You can do a tour to see what it's like and it really helps to know where you'll be going on the day.

    Good luck.
  • PS the midwives at St Thomas' really helped me establish bf. They spent ages with me trying to get LO to latch on and one of them hand expressed colostrum from my boob for an hour! I'm not sure I could have started bf without them actually.
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