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baby models??



  • Hi everyone,

    After reading this post I thought i'd have a go and sent them some photos of Ruby on Friday to Babyshak, i've just had an email back saying 'they have a place available and would like to offer Ruby that position'. Then it says about wanting a ??90 fee. Is this what everyone else has had? Did you pay the ??90? xx
  • Yep - that is what we had too and no, I haven't paid the ??90. I haven't heard of one person who hasn't been accepted so I've decided against it.
  • We were turned down by babyshak image but accepted by bizzikidz?!?!

    There does seem an awful lot accepted by babyshak/bizzikidz although general reviews seem to think they are genuine?

    Were still undecided wether to go for it or not :\?
  • brooke was turned down by babyshak because they had too many babies her age on the books apparently
  • Oh right. Well some mixed views then.
    It's so hard to know what to do.
    I might just pay it and if nothing comes of it then i've learnt my lesson!
    I'm surprised that you have been turned down. If you still wanted to go for it then i'd apply now as they got back pretty much straight away (bearing in mind the weekend). Maybe they need babies now??!?!?!
    Anyway thanks guys xx
  • Hi there
    Shea has just been accepted on the books of BabyShak too but i'm unsure what to do now??!!!

    Do you pay the ??90 and hope its not a con, also don't know how far i'd be able to travel for casting and we live in norfolk so there isn't going to be any work local to here i doubt.

    oh what to do??!!!! :roll:
  • Hi do not go with models direct they are a scam and well known for it. Try Bruce brown they do not charge a ads in fee others are urban angels, scally wags, and bizzy kids. I did my own research and no agency should charge you anything until you start work. Hope this helps.

    Cheers vera
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