how to stop co sleeping?

Hi All
My baby girl is just over 2 weeks old and already we are having problems with sleeping! She will only be in her moses basket for a couple of hours before she starts screaming her head off, as soon as we pick her up she stops and goes back to sleep in our arms but starts crying again as soon as we put her down. But when we put her in bed with us she sleeps really deeply for 6 hours. (She feeds A LOT during the day so I'm not woried about her sleeping this long)
She was born a little pooorly and we had to stay in hospital for a week, during this time the midwives would often put her in bed with me for a feed and encourage us to doze togther so i think this may have started then.
I want to stop this happening now but not really sure where to start, we are both so tired in the middle of the night (and now my husband is back at work) that we always end up putting her next to us as we know it works. But I know we will have to put in some commitment
We also live in a terraced house and I'm really embarrassed if she's crying for too long but think some sort of controlled crying my be the only way forward?
Has anyone got any ideas?


  • she might be waking up "looking" for mummy and daddy and in need of some reassurance you are still there. as upsykayla suggested perhaps have the moses basket very close to your bed and hold her hand or stroke her face or some other form of contact, to reassure her that you are there, shush her quietly and hope for the best! Just to get her out of the habbit of needing to be picked up to get back off to sleep. It won't be easy, but if you are consistant with what you choose to do you should see results. Co-sleeping isnt the most practical of arrangement so it is best you crack this while she is young. I also used to warm up the moses basket with a hot water bottle before putting evie into it (obviously taking it out when i put her in) so it feels more snuggly and warm just like mummys arms!

    hope you can sort it XX
  • Thans guys, the hot water bottle is a great idea, I'll try that tonight. The moses basket is next to the bed so I will try comforting her through touch rather than picking her up.
    It's very hard as I do enjoy giving her a cuddle to soothe her but I know we need to stop it now so it won't be an issue in the future.
    Thanks again.
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