Does This Sound Ok?

i started giving JJ 'tastes' of a few baby jars which has now turned into more that just tastes lol! anyway, he used to have 5 x 7oz bottles a day but would mostly only take 6oz so that was approx 30-35oz a day, nowwww this is what happened yesterday,,,

1/3 of a jar for breakfast + 4oz bottle
6oz bottle
6oz bottle
1/3 of a jar for dinner + 6oz bottle
4oz bottle

= 26oz
(he went to bed just after 9pm and woke up at 11.30am!!!!)


1/3 jar + 7oz bottle
7oz bottle
1/3 jar + 7oz bottle
7oz bottle

= 28oz
(he went to bed at 10pm so we'll see what happens in the morning)

i'm just going with what he seems to want but does it sound ok? just need a little reassurance lol x


  • How old is he hun?
    We started Gabe at 16 weeks (regret it a lot as he developed eczema and is fussy as hell, felt kinda pressured into it by OH and Mil though not their fault, but personally I think waiting till 6m is best if possible).

    I would just say start slowly and with simple foods like baby rice and single fruit and veg puree once a day as I tried Gabe with jars and his tummy wouldnt tolerate them until at least 5 months but all babies are different!

    That's just my opinion though and how it went for me.

    The amount of milk sounds absolutely fine!

  • he's 18 weeks on wed...i tried him with baby rice and he hated it which is why i started with the jars, i only wanted to give him a few tastes for a good few weeks just to get him used to it but he loves it, gets all excited and smiley! i only buy vegetable and fruit puree jars, his fave is the hipp organic mixed veg puree, had that for his dinner today lol! x
  • Sounds alright to me as well. My Zackys back to being a little piggy again today. He only had 2 meals today though as OH got up with him this morning and he wont make food up. (Hes gonna have 2 next month when I go back to work).

    He had

    8oz bottle (stage 2 milk)
    8oz bottle stage 2 milk
    1/2 weening bowl of porrige (this was bout 2pm)
    slept til 6pm.(only nap today. only usually has 10mins LOL)
    1/2 jar stage 2 food + yoghurt + 1/4 banana + 8oz bottle stage 2 milk.
    He went to bed a 9pm and will be up between 8-9am.

    Then he expected some of the curry and keema naan that I had for tea as well. Dont know where he puts it sometimes.
  • will do thanks hun, i wont be using the jars for much longer, i was planning on doing my own food for him but just using the jars for tastes but as that doesn't seem to be happening now i'll be starting to make my own very soon :\) x
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