Help him to crawl

Everytime I sit my 6 month old down he leans forwards, goes on his tummy and tries to crawl. His little legs are going 10 to the dozen, but, he is not getting anywhere.

I have tried using my hand for his feet to push against and putting interesting things just out of reach.

Any other ideas for how to encourage him?


  • I wish I had the answer!

    Louise tries so hard that she goes backwards and now round in the circle somehow! :lol:
  • You could put some toys out of reach of him to see if he pushes himself towards them.
    Other than that he'll do it when he's ready. Charlotte did the sky diving routine for a while then all of a sudden commando crawled. She did this at about 8 months then at 11 months started crawling on all fours. She's really fast now and into everything so enjoy the time whilst he's not mobile - lol!!!!! xx
  • Unfortunately they will do it in their own time!
    From a young age my daughter was always looking for the next thing she could do to move. She would often get frustrated on her front because she couldnt crawl. She did finally crawl at 7mths as is everywhere!

    I thought I would google to and see what it came up with.
    Take a look at this website. It says it works, but its american and not sure how much proof it has!

    It does suggest buying a roller and placing it underneath they stomach. Which sounded quite god. My daughter got a blow up one in her stocking from my mum, sorry Father Christmas! As she was crawling she ended up using it as a climbing aid! So maybe worth investing in one early?!
  • i have used a towl for millie didnt work though she just moved off it and started eating it! they get into crawling by sitting then going forward so he is heading in the right direction! but when he leans forward he needs to stay up on his knees instead of falling onto his tummy millie also falls onto her tummy then just shuffles. have u tried puttin him into the crawling position? i have done that with millie a few times and she will hold herself for a bit then falls. they will learn to do it in there own time im sure it wont be long, then u'll be wishing he wasnt crawling when ur running round after him hehe x x
  • Hello,
    Anyone found where to get a roller?
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