9 month food routine?


for those who have 9 month olds whats your lo food routine thru the day? what time do they have bottles and food etc?




  • Gabe is 10 months next week. His food routine at the moment is:

    8am - bottle (between 5-7oz).
    9am - breakfast (cereal, doesn't have much of this really).
    12/1pm - dinner (sandwich, fruit finger foods, yogurt or similar).
    3pm - bottle (7oz - if we're out he sometimes skips this one and isnt bothered by it!)
    5pm - tea (stage 2/3 jar and pudding usually a yogurt and a biscuit)
    7pm - bottle (5-7oz)
  • Hi,

    Isobel is 9 months and her routine is:

    7.30am - Bf
    9am - Brekkie
    11.30 - 12.00 - Lunch
    2.30pm - Bottle (is a bit hit and miss with this, sometimes she'll have 7oz and sometimes she won't touch the bottle at all)
    5pm - Tea
    6.30pm - Bf

    Hope this helps xx
  • Jason's 10 n a half months but he's not really changed since 9month, just more finger food.
    breakfast around 8/8.30 (usually toast or occasssionally ready brek if he starts throwing the toast on the floor!)
    bottle between 9 n 10.30
    10.30 snack if he's had his bottle early
    lunch - usually sandwiches with a few bread sticks n if we're out buttons!!!
    bottle at around 2 (sometimes skips it if we're out)
    tea at around half 4/5 (full stage 2 jar & fruit pot/custard pot/yogurt)
    bottle at bed time which is usually about 7/7.30 (depends if we've been doind much during the day)
  • Amy is 8 and half months and routine is
    7am botle (7oz)
    7.30am breakfast (cereal)
    10.30am snack (fruit)
    12pm Lunch (sandwich, fruit and yoghurt)
    3pm snack / bottle (she usually doesnt have the bottle more interested in her rusk!)
    5.30pm dinner (whatever we are having like cassarole or sheppards pie)
    7pm bottle (7oz)

    Amy loves her food and has weaned herself off her afternoon bottle she only has it if she is a bit wingy or needs comfort
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