how do i handle it?

hi everyone i'm new on here ,i just need some advice really.
My lo is now 9 months and he has started crawling so ofcourse is into everything he shouldnt be.
I thought now is a good time to let him know what is ok and what is not. how do i go about it ?
i dont want to shout NO!! to him all the time. i tried getting down to his level taking his hand , looking at him and saying no very seriously, but he laughs and does it again!!
yesterday i have been picking him up and sitting him somewhere else as soon as he touches something he shouldnt , is that ok?
i know it sounds silly asking this but i really want to make sure i do this right now so i'm not left with a little terror ! :lol: any advice would be great.


  • I have the same trouble with my lo (nearly 11 months). She's into everything and tbh I've just been saying NO to her as it does normally stop her. I've been thinking of other ways so I'm glad you've posted this - so sorry I can't help you. I've moved her away from things but she just crawls back! Yesterday I found her about to devour a Kit Kat from the kitchen I'd left in a food rack!
    It's all good fun though - and keeps us fit - lol!
  • with my older two i used to just give them a small tap on the back of the hand, and when i say tap i mean the kind of tap you would do to someones sholder to get there atention so there is no pain involved, with my daughter it worked but with my son it never. with him nothing worked intill he was old enough to use the naughy step x
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