Tummy time puke, lol

Now that Hugo has learned to roll on tummy himself, he likes doing it, BUT if he rolls on tummy soonish after a feed, he pukes! I just found him on tummy (running around doing errands lol) with half face and play mat in puke ... a bit gross! But obviously I can't stop him from rolling on tummy .....

He already is a rather skinny chap, don't want him puking up his feeds image


  • Alfie does this all the time!! I feel awful when I find him with puke down his front but he's always smiling. I hold on to him after a feed-he fights me like mad but I know what he's like! x
  • Yep Archie does this too. He;s always been a sicky baby and has reflux. No matter how long after his feed if he has tummy time he is always sick. Sometimes I don't notice until I pick him up and it's up his nose and everything. S x
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