hi girls

Took Isabella the docs today for her colic she prescribed colief. I have tried everything, so hopefully this will do the trick. Has anyone ever tried this, how they found it and how long it took to work?


Steph xx


  • I was going to ask this question too as my HV advised colief for Lucy today x
  • i tried the drops once cos millie was going through a phase of whingin in the evenings but she didnt have colic it was just cos she was tired oops, it made her throw up so i didnt use them again lol
  • We have been using it a couple of weeks and it is brilliant. Although it eased her colic it was still bad so we have also switched to cow and gate comfort milk from SMA Gold. We noticed a difference after about 24 hours.
  • i have been on that since millie was 2 weeks old and its BRILL!! x
  • Thanks girls, Isabella was so much more settled last night thanks to the colief and i changed her formula to cow and gate comfort so its all starting to come together. I would deff reccomend both of these if anyone has the same problem.

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