FAO Lara n Chloe.

Hi hun.
Don't mean to be cheeky or weird lol but I noticed you seem worried about chloes development that I saw on the march forum and I know exactly how you feel.

I get really down sometimes cos Gabe didnt roll until 6.5 months and at 8 months has only done it 7 times, he hates being on his tummy and doesnt sit up for more than 20 seconds at a time!

He also doesn't stand on his feet...most 3 month olds do that!!!!

Its gutting as all the other babies I know were crawling by now and rolling everywhere! I don't want Gabe to crawl yet as I know he isn't ready but it is worrying cos he is developing very slowly.
The HV said its cos I didn't give him enough tummy time when he was little but no one TOLD me about tummy time or ever said that you were even meant to put them on their tummy I cant believe they expect 1st time mums to just 'know' this stuff grrrrr.

HV said to give him lots of time sat up and on the floor etc but he not interested, I think its cos he genuinely can't do it and he gets bored just lying on his back. So he wants to be held a lot, what can I do???

Sorry rant over!!!
Just your not alone


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  • I too just want to give you a bit of reassurance mate! I'm not a 1st time mummy as you know but even I had no idea about "tummy time". It just wasnt something that was talked about all those years ago when I had my other 2 so dont go thinking you have done anything wrong.

    I know Tommy is younger than Gabe but he too hated being on his tummy and was only on it on the odd occasion for a few mins coz he screamed the whole time. Then on boxing day out of the blue he just rolled over.

    I've got all boys and I have noticed over the years that boys do tend to do things a bit slower than girls but you really really arent doing anything wrong. Gabe is obviously a very contented baby who is happy to go at his own pace and you need to enjoy the time you've got to cuddle with him before he learns to roll/crawl/run away! Dont stress yourself out on "milestones" - they WILL happen and be all the more enjoyable because you've waited so long.

    Take care hon and feel free to email me too babe!

    Loadsa Luv,
  • Ah thanks girls....I know they all develop at different paces...its hard sometimes tho when they are frustrated but genuinely cant do things.And everyone I know worries about their baby not walking at 13 months and I'm thinking hmmm doubt Gabe will walk until 18months lol.

    I didn't mean to feel sorry for myself but thats how it sounded lol! Just to say not everyones babies are forward in everything, it sounds like chloe was well ahead with rolling so she may be later with crawling. Also some babies never crawl, just go straight to walking or bum shuffle/commando crawl instead...

    Yeah, I'm dreading the development check which is next month! He isnt putting on much weight either so feel like we're a lost cause according to HV atm!

  • oooooh my mil has just felt in Gabes mouth and he has another tooth!!!!!!! Yay 3 teeth lol sorry to go o/t xx
  • Hi there

    Don't mean to jump in but just wanted to say really don't worry.

    All max's little mates were rolling by 6 months and then starting to crawl and even cruise furniture. but Max just wasn't interested! He sat by himself but wasn't bothered about getting anywhere so just sat and played! I got myself worried about things from time to time but even when I moved his toys away from him to encourage him he just screamed till I gave them back never made any attempt to move. He hated tummy time even though we gave it to him from VERY early on!

    He eventually rolled at about 10.5 months but even then only at night to make himself comfy to sleep he was never a baby who rolled and rolled. He eventually crawled when naked at 11.5 months EVERY occasionally - by then he wanted to be on his feet and walk holding my hands. At 12.5 months he finally started crawling EVERYWHERE and now he's 13 months and is trying to walk independently too.

    Please don't worry they all do things in there own time and there is no time that they 'should' do things they all develop differently! That said I am still worried some days as now some of his mates are starting with words and he just still babbles! He is still perfect in my eyes though!!!
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