is my baby eating too much??


Maiya will be 14 weeks on sunday and weighs about 13 pounds 5 ounces. she's started to consume a lot of milk!! she is bottle fed and is taking 3 x 7 ounce bottles and 2 x 8 ounce bottles!! she is nearly always finishing the lot!! i'm wondering is this too much milk???? also where do i go from here as she's only just 3 months and already nearly maxed out. I don't won't to wean too soon (i haven't read how to do it yet!!). was wondering whether to reduce feeds a bit and switch to hungry baby??

any hints/tips would be great.

thanks xx


  • i wld think about switching to hungry baby milk hun rather than weaning early. if lo still seems hungry after a few days on that id speak to hv. xx
  • i would try switching to hungry baby milk
    by the age your little one is both of my older two were on 3 solid meals a day as they were both drinking 6-8 9oz bottles of hungry baby milk a day.
  • she could be going through a growth spurt. they get one at about 3 months.

    kerry xxx
  • hi lynda, my lo is on 7oz bottles, and has been since 9 weeks old! sma gold didn't satisfy him when he got to 11 weeks, so switched to aptimal hungry baby. he still takes 7 oz bottles on that but feeds 4 hrly again.
    As kerry said, she could be having a growth spurt. my lo was taking 8 oz bottles last week but now he can't tolerate them again so i think he had a growth spurt x
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