Being A SAHM

Just wondering who you need to tell when you become a sahm? For national insurance purposes? Do I even need to tell anyone? Do I need to be in "the system?" Also, can I still have the tax credits claim in my name, or would hubby have to claim instead?



  • If you claim child benefit the government will pay into your statepension till your youngest child is 12, as far as I know. So you don't have to worry about national insurance. You can claim child tax credits, but you can't claim working tax credits. But you can fill in a joint application where you jointly apply for it.
  • Hi, I can't remember actually telling anyone - I resigned from my job telling them that I would be a SAHM and that was it. Every now & then I get a letter from the NI people saying that I am ' carer for my children' or something like that, that they are paying my NI contributions for me (I think...!) and that I need take no action.

    I do claim child benefit, but we don't get any tax credits though so I don't know about those.

  • i phoned the NI ppl up when i was going to be a sahm and they said i was covered untill they turned 16 and yes you still can have the TC in your name

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