Graco yellow high chair

I bought the graco yellow high chair in the asda baby event but i'm finding the tray doesn't stay on so good one kick from Alyssa and it flies off am i doing something wrong or are they all like this?



  • There is a knack to getting it in! When you put the tray on, it will click, but it only does this in certain positions. Once it's in properly, baby should not be able to kick it off. It's such a faff!
  • If you look under it there are some grooves you need to line up the tray so it properly attaches. Such a pain. Another reason why I bought the Ikea one! x
  • not had any problems with mine, but there are 3 little grooves on each side that need to be lined up. ds is so diddy most of the time i tend to just lift him in and out without taking the tray off lol., probably why i do'nt ahve many porblems with it lol. x
  • Thanks ladies all sorted now!!!

  • we had this too!
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