Ideas for a girly night in.

I have just been landed with hosting a girly night for me and 4 old school friends on Saturday. It was meant to be at one of theirs but they cant do it now! Oh had already decided to take the kids and spend the night at his mums as I wasnt coming home (and she also has a new huge TV and Blu-ray player which I think factored in) so for the first time in living memory I have the house to myself for the whole night - yippee.

It is one of the irls 30th soon so we are making it a surprise party for her. I have brought banners and balloons and also have everything needed for us to make Pizzas.

I need some help if poss. with Music. We are all 30 this year so I'm putting together a compilation of late 80's, early 90's pop music we listened to. So far I have amongst others:

PJ and Duncan - lets get ready to rumble
Dani Minogue - Love and Kisses
Jason Donavan - Sealed with a Kiss
Kriss Kross - Jump (embarrasing I know)
Big Mountain - baby I love your way
East 17 - Deep

All other ideas greatly appreciated. I cant belive how bad these songs are when you listen to them again. And the Lyrics, lets get ready to rumble is hilarious!!


  • hehe, well im 24 so my suggestions may or may not be valid....
    2unlimited-no limits
    Ace of Base- All that she wants
    Belinda Carlilse - Heaven on earth
    KC and JOJO - All my life

    oh it sounds like a fun party...can i come
  • wish i could help but i wasn't born until 88 so would be useless!! i love the song that goes...

    you spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby right round round round......

    is that 80's?? lol
  • oooh how exiting!
    not sure song wise im 34,
    tiffany- i think we're alone now
    linzimc i loved that too image was it the transvestite from celeb bb that did it?
    blondie (think it was 80,s)

    sounds like your gonna have a right laugh!!
  • dont think i can help much, im 26 and a life long fan of the 60s and 70s
  • When were macarena etc?
    Saturday night by Whigfield
    Michael Jackson stuff? Blame it on the boogie! Lol
    Ice ice baby, hahaha. Sorry, I was born 85 so not sure which is from which era.
    Boogie shoes by KC and the sunshine band
    Feels like i'm in love by Kelly Marie
    REO speedwagon were 80s I think?

  • Hey,
    Well I'm ancient as you all know so here are mine and oh's suggestions.....
    Yazz and the plastic population; The only way is up
    Especially for you; Kylie and Jason
    Step back in time; Kylie
    One and only; Chessney (chest, knee, hawk!!!)Hawkes
    Girls just wanna have fun; Cyndi Lauper (sp sorry!)
    Betty Boo; Doin the Do
    Rick Astley; Never gonna give you up
    God looking back at me list I am old and have very dodgey taste ((hanging her head in shame!!))
    Hope you have a great time xx
  • I think my songs I loved when a kid were S Club 7, westlife and Steps lol!!! I will def never be playing them again!
    I was born 1988 like linzi!

  • Hi, thanks everyone. Am loving the Vanilla Ice and Betty Boo - will be downloading them in a mo!
    Keep 'em coming though, I've got a whole night to fill :lol: .

    This could get expensive, lol.

  • Just watching 'girls of the 80's
    'Lisa stansfield-been around the world',
    Madonna-True Blue/holiday/material girl
    Chakka Khan
    Tpau?? china in my hand?? (I think)
    I am also 30 this year!! These people are making me feel old!! lol

    Will come back with more!!
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