Rear Facing Pushchair??

I really really want one image,
What are my choices?
I know that there is the bebe confort loola!
does anyone have one?


  • I've got a Quinny Buzz and love it! Really easy to push and quite easy to swap the pushchair between forward/rear facing, even with LO in it.

    Corinna x
  • I've got the Buzz too (4 wheel version) and love it. Easy to push and the flexibility of rear/forward facing with multiple tilts if really good.
  • I have a few friends who have the stokke and now i am regretting that i didnt look into it when i got my pushchair (i like the jane slalom pro i have now, but it is not rear facing). I know it is pricey but it is just damn cool as well!
  • I've got the bugaboo bee and it's rear facing and can be turned round when you want to. Mind you he's nearly 6 months and quite happy facing me and chattering as we're out for a walk. No intention of turning him round just yet, ever maybe. S x
  • I have the Quinny Buzz too and i love it.
  • I have the Maxi Cosi Mura 4 and i'd def recommend that! I love it x
  • Ooo thank you for the advice girls.
    Still so undecided think i may go to kiddisave on sat and try some image
    Just got to convince my OH now.
  • I've got the Bugaboo Cameleon and that is very easy to swop aorund from front to rear facing. It can also vary between small, swivel wheels at the front for town and big, fat ones for off-roading. It's expensive but I love it.
  • I've got the i-candy cherry, it's great i absolutely love. The i-candy apple can be forward and rear facing as well.
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