Winnie the Pooh magic rattle.

Hey Ladies

Does anyone have the Winnie the Pooh mgagic rattle?? We bought it a couple of months ago and the past week or so it seems to be like its in some kind of demo mode?? It just keeps saying "when baby shakes the magic rattle pooh rocks and rolls and then pooh sings" and thats when you push his belly normally you shake the rattle and he sings but it just wont do it.

Has this happened to anyone elses?

Thanks xx


  • hi is there a switch underneath where the batteries go sometimes there is so you can change it sorry not much help
  • hiya, i cant help u but ive bought emily the tigger one for xmas and so far thats all its said to us. i just assumed that when i take it out the box and set it up properly it will do the rest? are you sure the batteries arnt running out?
  • Yeah we have it, you need to change the position of the switch in the back.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies! the tab was pulled out months ago when we got it and we have changed the batteries again and again and nothing!

    Lambchop - What do you mean exactly??

  • where the batteries are there is a little switch that you need to change from demo to normal mode. It then takes a few rattles to get it going into play mode.
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