Hi ladies

My baby was due last wednesday so i am now 5 days over due and pretty fed up!!!! Im just wondering those of you who have had babies already and went over due what did your little one weigh? Im worried that im going to give birth to a massive baby the longer it stays inside! lol

I am so petite and starting to worry now about being a big baby!




  • My baby was 11 days late and weighed 8 1/2 lb - I was expecting a big baby as I was 9lb8 and hubby was 9lb2 (both late), so I was quite relieved at 8 1/2lb!

    I know how fed up you must be feeling, but I promise you it'll be worth it in the end - you'll forget this fed up feeling as soon as you see your baby!

    Good luck x
  • Hi,

    I went 3 days over and lo was 7lb 3oz so don't worry too much!! I ate lamb dansak nearly every night for that last week and drank raspberry leaf tea. The works. It probably doesn't do anything but I was desperate!

    Good luck, hope lo comes along soon x
  • I went 11 days over and had a 9lb 1oz little boy. Won't bore/scare you with the birth details.

    Try not to worry though, If you're petite it's unlikely you'll have a huge baby hon - I'm 5"6 and a size 14 and was a biggish baby myself at 8lb 5

    Big babies are great anyway - they tend to sleep better, feed well & generally be more settled - in the early days at least!! This was my own experience anyway!!

  • I was 13 days over due and my lo was 8lbs 8oz. He's always slept the night, (well at least 11-5) so there might be some truth in bigger babies sleeping longer.

    He's a good handfull and much easier to handle than a smaller baby,don't worry you'll be fine.xx
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  • I went 11 days over & LO was 8lb 7.5oz.
    It is miserable going over but I promise once your lo arrives you wont even care how long you had to wait!!!

    Good Luck!
  • I went 8 days over lo was 7lbs 5.5oz so pretty much average. I'm petite too, 5'3" with tiny feet so a small pelvis (that is apparantly true) but I had a really easy birth.

    It is hell while going through it, but I had a sweep at a week late and that kick started my labour. Ask your midwife for one as soon as she'll give you one.

    Hope your baby makes an appearance soon and that you have a positive labour experience xx
  • Hello,

    Really feel for you, it's horrible isn't it. I went 12 days over and my LO was 7lbs 12oz, so still average despite being late.

    Try not to worry about it. Doesn't always mean they will be big if they are late.

    Good luck, xx
  • I was 1 week over, and Abby was 8lb 9.5oz. But my MW said that if they are very overdue they can actually lose a tiny bit of weight, as the placenta stops working as effectively. (although most MW's talk cr*p though - so no idea if this is true or not!)

    You'll be fine hunny! Being over due wont make any noticable difference at all! If you baby is big - it would be big if you were on time too!

    Good luck - you'll be fine, and we'll see you in here really soon.

  • Thanks ladies
    Hoping i dont have too much longer to wait, im having a sweep tomorrow so fingers crossed tha works for me. I am very very ready now and so is hubby, we just want to meet our gorgeous baby.

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