Bad nappy rash



  • Lol Lisa - done the very same myself!!! Why the stuff has to be same colour as baby poo i dont know, but it is unbeatable!!!
  • Hi all

    Been the docs today with my LO due to severe nappy rash, I've never seen it this bad in 8mths. Normally use Sudocream and does the trick but not the last few days.

    Been prescribed a steroid cream so i think the others are right take LO to the doc's....

    Good luck
  • Hi all image
    I have a 6 month old son who i'm sure is teething and think that may be the reason for his nappy rash.. I have been using the usual Curash cream but it doesn't seem to be working. Hes always used Huggies brand nappies so i don't think that is the problem but he has gone up a size from infant to crawler.. could this be the reason? Hes never really had nappy rash so this is all new to me :\?
  • ive never heard of Curash cream before? id try fresh air for an hour a day if possible or changing his nappy every hour or so and if that fails then take him to your doctor and he/she will get your cream. xxx
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