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My 4 week old little girl will only comfortably sleep on her tummy. If I put her on her back in her basket, she startles awake almost instantly (she has a very strong moro reflex) & won't re-settle but will be wide awake. I have been begrudingly having her in bed with me, because we need to sleep & recently has been the only way she gets any. During the day she sleeps on my chest & will sleep like this for 2/3 hours...not very practical when you need a wee! I put her down for tummy time today on her play mat today for the first time & she promptly fell asleep! I moved her to her basket (downstairs with me) on her tummy & shes been sleeping for 40 mins so far....the longest shes slept in there.

I was just wondering how many of you mummies put your LO's down to sleep on their tummies? I'm not after a huge debate, or for people to judge me. Ideally I would love my LO to sleep on her back etc but due to reflux, this isnt possible. And yes, Ive tried rasing the moses basket matress etc too!

I was talking to my mum regarding it, & she said when I was young (25 yrs ago!) the guidlines were tummy sleeping. I understand the risks of SIDS, but will also add that she is very strong with her neck & head & lifts it easily.

CG & Fearne xxx


  • I put my ds to sleep on his back, as guidelines tell you to, but when he was 13 weeks he started rolling onto his front and would only sleep on his tummy despite me changing him back several times!! Some babies are just happier on their fronts. If it were my baby, I would let her sleep on her front but it depends on how strong she is (holding her head up, arms etc) as you don't want her getting into trouble in the night. I think some babies just prefer being on their fronts though, mine certainly does!
  • Have you tried her sleeping on her side? xx
  • My LO has turned into a tummy sleeper since she's learned to roll. I don't worry because I have a sensor pad on her monitor that we used in the moses basket and now the cot. If you're worried, the pad might be an option for you as they're so very reassuring that if anything did ever happen, you'd know about it straight away.
  • i too have a tummy sleeper and my HV said this was fine! he had strong head and neck from the word go and always slept so much better on his tum. We did invest in the TT sensor monitor for peace of mind and i dont think i would of been as relaxed about it had we not had that!
    if your baby seems happier and more comfortable then i would say go with it, but maybe look into getting a sensor pad?

    x x x
  • Thanks girls, I feel less axious about it all, She has now been asleep for for a whole 2 hours....and Ive been free to do housework! I did think about the sensor pad monitor, They have them on offer in Asda baby event. Katels, she is very strong for her own good! She has turned her head from one side to the other whilst sleeping, so am happier about that. My thinking is, it has to be safer than having her in bed with me surely!

    Thanks again girls for your positive tummy sleeping stories image xxx
  • Hiya, just to add that I have a tummy sleeper also. She is 9 weeks and has done since 3 weeks. A bit like your LO, she would only sleep for very short times on her back and it was impossible to actually get her to sleep without rocking. On her front she snuggles up and goes to sleep with no help and sleeps for much longer.

    I have the angelcare monitor which is a god send. I moved LO to the cot as soon as she started sleeping on her front so that we could use the sensor. She also has good head control and can easily lift her head and move from side to side.

    Good luck xx
  • people worry about suffocation while on front.. this is not the case, and not why we are advised not to do it. it is because when babies sleep on their fronts they fall into a deeper sleep and they have decided its more dangerous! (apparently!)

    i had and still have a tummy sleeper! she went on her front at only a few weeks old.. the hv said just to try it and then my mum told me about how everyone was told to put on fronts back in the day!

    i put her on her front for the first time during a day time nap and i pretty much sat and watched her for her whole nap! that night i didnt get much sleep with worry but now she is fine image

    do what you have to do chick image

    fearne is a lovely name btw image

  • Well, last night I had the bed to myself...well my side anyway! Fearne slept from 10-2am, then 2.30-5am and woke again at 7am.....but slept soundly image
    I put her down for a nap yesterday & and just stared at her for like 20 mins...convinced I couldnt see her breathing, so know how you felt lucyah! Its reassuring that your LO & yours YMA did from such a young age....I held off until as long as I could!

    yummymummyali, how does your LO find the cot? It had crossed my mind to put her in there tbh.

    CG xxx
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