I'm at the end of my tether! Help!

Matthew wants to be held all the time!!! He si so heavy and i cant do it. i have an 18 month old aswell. I dont know what to do. everytime i put him down he cries! This has been going on for a while now!

HELP!! xx


  • I didn't want to read and run - but I can't be of much help. My 21 wk old is the same he's on me now as im typing but a lot of time he wants to be on me and me standing up. He had a day a week ago where he screamed if i tried to sit on the sofa! I mean how dare I! I just try to get out and about but tbh I don't always have the energy, time or inclination.

    Sorry I can't be more help but you're not alone.

    El x
  • hiya,peeps dont want to butt in but have you tried getting a sling they leave your hands free,it takes the weight of you and your babys are close to you,also a baby bouncer is a good option i used to leave primrose in it to get on with my jobs coz life doesnt stop for us mums,it is best to leave them to cry for a while if there is nothing wrong with them its mostley attention,i read gina fords contented little baby book which really worked for me.xxx
  • I have tried leaving him to cry but he just ends up getting hysterical. He sits in a bouncer chair. i've got various playmats for him but he gets bored within a matter of minutes. He certinly thinks he's the only one in the house!! Little monster. Any other tips much appreiciated! xxx
  • hiya,do you think it mite be colic or reflux?i think at this stage if your worried you should just ask your hv for some reasurence,my honest advise wood be not to pay to much attention to his crying all the time yes if theres something wrong but you have to be very strong and try some controlled crying.x
  • Cole was like that most of the time but seems to be getting better now.. he even happily played on the kitchen floor (on a playmat) for about 20 mins today while I cooked! I don't know if its just because he's a bit older and can occupy himself a bit more or what.. but I don't agree with controlled crying so I haven't done that with him, although I do leave him to grizzle a bit sometimes if I know there is nothing wrong.

    I got a ring sling and use that sometimesif I really need to do something.. although its not that easy going to the loo with a baby in a sling..believe me!!
  • my lo is a right attention seeker... but he's 26 weeks now and just learnt to sit on his own so at the mo thats his new little thing.. so it was fab today when he sat on floor playing... dont get me wrong it was only for a few mins but when you have then on you or your occupying them continuously that was a miracle!
    the only thing i did in the end was got a bit tougher and carried on with what i needed to do for a bit... i am a nightmare and run to him at every winge - so i know its all my doing!
  • I know it might be controversial but have you tried a baby walker - Sam wouldn't go down - put him in a walker and he now follows me round the house and is happy in there for about 10 mins.
    I know its not long - but it feels like forever!!!!
  • i'm thinking of getting one - been discussing this on dec babies 07... xxx
  • We have? I must have missed that thread!

    I just got Cole a door bouncer and that does distract him in the morning for long enough for me to get dressed and put clean clothes away!
  • Nothing distracts matthew. he just cries and cries and this morning has had me crying my eyes out cos i just dont know what to do. he wants to be on me over my sholder with me standing up and he is far to heavy! I dont know what to do anymore. I am so drained!!!
  • i know exactly how u feel. i feel so sorry for my other son cos i cant play with him cos matthew cries all the time! x
  • i am so sorry you are having such a hard time, i admire you for doing it with 2 as i struggle with just the one and cant begin to imagine how extra stressful it can be. my lo is very clingy too, cries almost constantly if he's not centre of attention and expects me to do most jobs one handed (probably my own fault) but anyhow, i've found recently the high chair is fantastic. i dont get him in it for long but sometimes he is quite happy to sit in there listening to the radio while i get on with some 'fun' household chores, but i do have to be in same room. hope that helps and good luck, i really hope you find something that works, and if you do perhaps you could enlighten us other mummies =)
  • ARGH!! he went to sleep for 20 mins and has woke up and is doing the same!! NOTHING will entertain him. he just wants me to hold him!! x
  • hiya,gosh it sounds like your really struggleing!i think you have no option than to seek help from hv and tell them exactly what he is doing!it could be something more complex than you think and its best to get it checked out for you and babys sake,also becarefull that you dont slip down the route of pnd,gud luk.xxx
  • Hi
    dont know if its any help but we had a musical swing, it sent my daughter to sleep, and even worked after her first injections when she wouldnt stop crying. It gives you a break and you know that baby is safe.
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