moving on to mixed feeding, routines and milk amounts!

Hiya girls!
Well i have now admitted defeat, all the fenugreek and pumping in the world wasnt helping, so Bella is now officially mixed fed!
I felt horrible about it the other day, but have now decided that theres no point moping, i DID do well to get to 18 weeks, and formula is whats right for Bella now, as opposed to struggling to get enough from me and then still being starving at the end of it! (i'm going to keep repeating that to myself over and over and over lol)
However i am a bit lost now! I've been feeding on demand since birth, and she was going roughly every 3 hours-ish. Now she's having bottles, i looked on the back of the tub to see how much she's meant to be having, it says 5 bottles of 7oz in a day. I'm lucky if she'll take 5oz! It works out that she's getting 30oz per day, whereas the tub says she should be getting 35oz. I have no idea how much she's getting extra from me obviously, but it can't be a lot because she's having bottles 3 hourly and breast in between more for comfort than food, i can see she is swallowing but not tons. Should i be trying to get her to take more or should i ignore the pesky milk tub and carry on as i am?
Also, she seems to have cracked sleeping through the night now, but i'm unsure as to weather i should maybe try to give her the extra bottle as a dreamfeed? Currently her last feed is at 9pm and she goes through til 6-7am, but i was thinking if i try to give her a bottle at 11 she might take some of it, although i'm kind of reluctant to wake her if she's sleeping! Unless its important that she gets the amount of milk thats recommended in which case i'll have to. I've got her in a little routine now, she has her last bottle at 9, then a quick wash, pyjamas, boobie for comfort and then to bed. I don't know if its too early for a proper routine though, i don't think i got the boys in to a rigid routine like that until they were about 8-9 months. But then i had major sleep issues with the pair of them, so maybe thats why!
would you say 18 weeks is too early for a strict bedtime routine?
Sorry to ramble on!
I also want to say, Bella is sat here in her swing, with a dummy in her mouth, another dummy in one hand and a teether in the other, and she's struggling to get the lot in her mouth! She looks bloomin hilarious!!


  • Oh, and another thing, is it normal to get a bit of nappy rash during the change over? She's never had it before but she's really red at the moment! I've been smothering her in sudocream but i wondered if i should get her something from the GP?
  • I would try zinc and castor oil cream (we have it from mothercare - THANKS SB) it's FAB and has cleared up Max's nastiest nappy rash within a day.

    I would say to ignore the tub and go on as you are with the feeding it sounds good to me but I am no expert.

    I think your routine sounds good at bedtime esp if it is working for you and bella!!!!

    GO GO FAB MUMMY image
  • lol, thanks CC, i shall just carry on as i am then, and poke my tongue out at the nasty blue tub for trying to tell me otherwise! And thanks for the tip, i will nip to boots for zinc and castor oil in the morning. I was just a bit worried it could be thrush, cos i've never seen a rash so red and sore looking! xxx
  • no idea re the thrush - others may know but Max's CAN get really red.

    oh and you are NOT defeated (just reread your first post!) image

    Still fabulous!

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  • It was read and looked like it was peeling - not nice! But i just checked her again and its looking better with the sudocream so hopefully it should start to clear up now! i hate to think of them being all sore and uncomfortable image
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