Full fat milk question

LO is 9 months and is FF. For his brekkie he 90% of the time has weetabix (his fav meal of the day).......he is a good eater and a good size baby.

We have semi-skimmed milk in the house and in his brekkie he normally has semi skimmed or the rest of his unfinished bottle for milk.

Should I be giving full fat milk?

I intend to give full fat when we swap over at 12 months but for now was just giving him semi in his brekkie....

Is this bad? should I be giving the full fat now for his brekkie?


  • DD has always had semi skimmed for everything, she wouldn't drink full fat. We had to switch her to cows milk asa drink at 10 months as she weaned from bf at 9mo then from 10mo refused formula - we tried pretty much every brand, wouldn't drink it, wouldn't drink full fat cows milk. Her paediatrician said it was fine as long as her other dairy foods were full fat, and she's always been healthy and a decent weight (for her!). If you think your LO is fine on the SS milk I wouldn't worry over it.
  • I'm not completely sure hun, but I think if they have 'normal' milk it should be full fat because they need all the fat that's in it, but we do what you do and use what's left of morning formula milk on porridge!!

    I don't think with the small amount that he has on brekkie that semi skimmed would be a prob but deffo full fat once he's having as a drink. Sorry, I don't feel like I've been much help here and just had a bit of a waffle!!!

  • Mrs S, posted just as I did, and yours makes far more sense, so I'd go with that advice!! Mrs S, you always have the answers!! xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, in fact LO is a bit of a porker so think he is doing ok with his other dairy.

    I will prob just switch over when he reaches 1......just looked and the calc is the same.
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