I'm late and freaking!!! lol (UPDATE)

Hey girlies

Me is kinda bobbing myself right now. lol. My body is usually like clockwork, i've never had a period a week early or late (unless pregnant) and am usually due 15th, 16th, 17th of every month. ITS STILL NOT HERE! image

Don't get me wrong, i'd happily go along with the pregnancy but i so wanted to enjoy my daughter for a bit before i had anymore. I'm just hoping its the pill going on some dodgy freak show as it has in the past.

Well i feel better now i've typed it down

Thanks for listening again

Lisa xxx

Sorry girlies, no BE babies coming from me again yet. lol. Did a clearblue digital and it was a Big Fat Negative!

Hurry up Katie! We're all on the edge of our seat for you now. lol

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  • POAS honey, that will put your mind at rest. Hope you get the result you want.

  • ooooo test test test!!!!!!! xxxxx
  • lol tallkatie that made me giggle! I agree hun - test!! x
  • Morning all!

    Off to get a test shortly and my belly is hurting wondering what the result will be. lol

    Will be back later to let you all know

    Lisa xxx
  • lol katie, that made me laugh.there wasnt alot on tv. i think you should test too. let us know.xxx
  • Yeah, i was wanting to enjoy Grace until she was at least one before another come along but if i had have been, i wouldn't have been upset.

    Can't believe your keeping all of us waiting! lol. We want to know if Gracie-Faye is gonna be a big sister:\)
  • ok, i give in. lol

    Obviously no from you stays no. lol. If it was the oh i'd have got an answer by now but don't think it would work the same haha.

    hope you get the result you want next week xx

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