Phloegmy cough

Hi girls, My LO had got a really chesty mucousy cough. Is there anything i can give him to help.I would make a lemon and honey drink but LOs arent allowed honey are they?

Thanks Lauren x


  • Hi,
    We used Karvol on a muslin in his room when he sleeps and we raised his cot at one end and that really helped-I was suprised but it did make a difference.
    Hope he feels better soon Bx
  • i put a pilow under camerons bottom sheet when he's mucusy to keep his head raised. karvol also and oblas oil.
    no they cant have honey till 12 months
  • is it green or brown phoegm babe? if its brown sometimes it means that they got chest infection. mine had nasty cough and kept being sick she had that much gunk on fer chest bless them i hate it when they get sick x
  • weve bought a karvol inhaler that plugs into the wall for archie as he was 3 wks prem and is always snuffly thru the night
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