Do you mind sharing how you got the priorifix for ??168 as this is the seat i would like to get for my LO?



  • Hi there, and FAO, how exciting, lol!!

    We got it last weekend online at Mothercare. Should have been ??270, but they had ??60 off anyway on a car seat promo thing, then they'd knocked another 10% off, which could have been a bank holiday special, then I googled Mothercare promotional codes, and this got me another 10% off which they took from the original reduced price, so another ??21 pounds off!

    just looked now though and they don't seem to have any offers on them hun image this is the link though to the page I got promotional codes from, they still have a 10% off one until the 11th June http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/discounts/mothercare.co.uk
    Unless you need the seat right now, I'd hang fire and see when they have any other offers on, as they seems to come around every now and again.

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