tap water?

I have just read that you can give tap water to a baby at 6 months. Is this right? Is anyone else doing this?
I have been boiling it so far...


  • Where did you read that? I give Louise boiled (and cooled) water though it would be easier to give her tap water!
  • im sure in my baby book its says 12months they can have tap water not before hmm ill have to check on that !!!
  • I realised I read it on this site!!
    Under the "ask baby expert" tab at the top and then health and nutrition questions:

    Does my breastfed baby need water?

    Q I'm breastfeeding my 2-month-old son and when it's hot, he wants to feed more often. Should I give him water, too?

    Nutritionist Caroline replies: Breastfeeding satisfies your baby's thirst as well as his hunger, so even in hot weather he shouldn't need extra water. On hot days your son may want to feed more frequently and for shorter periods. This allows him to take the thin, watery foremilk to satisfy his thirst. Provided you let him have as many feeds as he wants, he will get enough fluids. Breastmilk is the best drink for your baby until he is 1, but once he's weaned at around 6 months, you can give him tap water or bottled water labelled -suitable for infant feeding' at some mealtimes, too.
  • I was told 6 months at a weaning group too and have been giving it to Alfie from he was 6 months (now 11) with no problems...the water here is fine but i know in some places it can taste of bleach ERGH!
  • Yep that's right. It's def 6 months, says so in the 'Birth to Five' book so is actually an NHS guideline.

    Gabe's been having fresh 'council pop' since 6 months and has been fine!

    You still have to boil it for formula though
  • Hi,
    Have given Alfie tap water, Britta filtered water and cooled boiled water and he seems fine with any really-mind you he doesn't actually swallow a lot of it!! Agree with tallkatie about what your water's like in your area and Yorkshire has grand water!!
  • Tap water since 6 months here - it doesn't harm anyone!! and it's nice and cheap image my baby is a credit crunch baby :lol: thankfully he doesn't like juice image
  • I don't really want to know thanks!

    I'm sure it is fine for human consumption though ;\)
  • Gabe hates juice too....
  • Kelsie has had water from taps since about 10 months, but only since we've started giving her juice juice (pure apple, orange, tropical etc) not the heinz juice. We water it down slightly, she's been having it for 5 months now and is as fit as a fiddle!

    Council pop made me laugh too! :lol:

    We also have very nice water down here (suffolk)


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  • Have just started giving Zacky tap water, He drinks about as much water as he does juice though - zilch.LOL. Just uses the cold water to cool his gums while teething then spits it out. LOL>
  • Our tap water is fantastic (Yorkshire), it's so good I prefer it to bottled water. Barney has been drinking it since I started weaning him as I am a bad mummy who is incapable of remembering to boil the kettle :lol:
  • I know! My parents live in Nottingham and their water is foul!!
  • Wow! I've just looked into the birth to five book that Tiger Lily mentioned and read it too! I'm always forgetting to make sure Louise has cooled boiled water and end up putting it in the freezer to cool down.............

    I have a vague memory of being told not to use the water filters but that could have been before 6 months....????
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