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At what age do babies start teething?
What age do they start crawling?
What age do they start to say mamma dadda?

i know all babies r different i am a first time mum and i read all the books on pregnancy but havent read any about what happens next when u have ur baby.

thank u
i am not a useless mum honest :\)


  • Hi Karla, my daughter is 6 months and her bottom two teeth came through at easter. she has been sitting up and rolling for about a month as well, but still not yet crawling, although she is making the motions to be trying to crawl. She also says 'hiya' and what sounds like 'mam' but doesnt understand what it means. 'Talking' and crawling etc can be anytime up to 1yr, some babies dont crawl at all, but may bottom shuffle! If you feel your little one is a late developer then your health visitor wil help. jxxx

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  • Hi karla... I don't think you're a useless mum!! what I'd say is as a guide babies generally start teething around the 6 motnhs old mark BUT it can be later and some babies are even born with teeth! lol :\) Sitting/crawling can happen from about 6-8 months but like I said before it can happen later... I would say don't worry about it too much, just enjoy the time you have, If you want to to try to encourage your lo's development then spend loads of time playing with your lo in the floor. forget about all the baby walkers, bouncy chairs etc and get a good baby gym and get playing!! lol :\) :\) xxxxxx
  • Hi there all babies are different and will do things at different stages try not to compare with others and just enjoy your little one X
  • hi, all babies are different, my daughter got 1st teeth at 15 weeks, started sitting on her own just under 6 months, she didnt really crawl that much she was straight on her feet, dont compare your lo to other children youll drive yourself mad thinking somethings wrong when its not, just enjoy your baby now its no time til they grow up.
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