4weeks old with cold

my little man is 4 weeks today and is loaded with the cold can i give him anything?


  • Hiya, ah bless your poor little bubs. I don't know of any medicines you can give but I think you can give the saline nasal spray, its just saline water but it does work to clear their little noses. I used it on my ds & it helped. Hope your lo is ok x
  • meant to add that you can get them from Boots or any chemists x
  • i got saline from the docs, so it's free.
  • saline drops were brilliant for toby - that and raising the head of his cot. not really much more you can do except maybe running a really hot bath and standing in the bathroom so the steam helps to clear lo.

    The saline from docs is free but calpol do one in a squirter that is much easier though obviously more expensive.

    Hope lo feels better soon x
  • Thanks everyone i ended up ringing the doctor as he couldnt feed he was soo blocked up. He had a throat infection aswell so good job i did he also gave him 2ml calpol,
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