Please stop posting on stupid threads

Like many others here I'm getting fed up with the bitching. This is a great forum with so many supportive and kind people, it's such a shame that we have all this 'she said' stuff. I'm putting this on a separate thread because every time someone replies to the bitching threads it bumps them back up to the top, so someone else decides to read them and feels they have to put their point of view across.

This is not directed at anyone in particular, I'm not getting involved in the discussions. I just don't think they have a place here.

Surely the most sensible and effective response is silence (and possibly a report to moderator). That way the thread would simply sink without a trace and we could get on with the baby advice.


  • Point taken Poz, I'll stop it and sit on the naughty step for a bit (although not one minute for each year of my age as that is WAAAAAYYYYY too long :lol: ) You are tottaly right that this really isn't the place for stupid arguments.
  • Have to say I am really worried about posting anything on here incase I offend someone or I word something in the wrong way and. . . well I'm not even sure if I should say anything now.
    I come on here for the great advice and to be able to go on and on about my lo to people who want to do the same thing-I've bored most of my friends by now!
    Love BE and would hate anything to change it.x
  • hey you lot where is this non bitchy corner anyway?? image i want to join?? if you'll forgive and forget and let me ??
  • also i think it's silly if u voice ur opinion and someone doesn't like it and removes u as a friend from facebook...a few people have done this since yesterday (people who i have not even vaguely directed my opinions at) and it just makes me laugh...i think we all, including myself, need to grow up but i still love you all!! x
  • I must admit i don't actually post on here very often, out of fear lol!
  • lol laura that pic is awesome! x
  • Thanks! Lucy's about as photogenic as me lol!
  • Gotta agree!i never get involved in any of these posts,though i do read them and have a little chuckle sometimes,im too much of a coward to voice my opinions haha!(unless its something im really bothered about then there would be no stopping me lol)
    I also want to add that i agree with Mrsjbourne about FB its a shame we cant all be friends and add who we want without any fear of ppl being "fakes"or someone deleting you if they dont like one of your opinions!BUT i love BE and want it to be the happy place it was when i first joined.
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