some maths for you girlies :-)


Ok heres some maths, my lo was born early on the 13th ov november because i was induced due to pre clampsia he was due on the 30th of November, at my first scan i measured in at 16 + 2 which would date back to the 23 or 24th Feb if im correct

What date would the conception be? it wouldnt be the 23 or 24th of feb would it? thats when i had my last period im sure

Sorry if ive gave you all a headache



  • if your due date was the 30th of nov then your conception date would have been the 24th of feb.
    But if your first scan was so late on they could have been off with the dates as they can get a more acurate date testing between weeks 10 and 12
  • they usually date it back to your last period but you would have conceived around 2 weeks after when you ov, depends on length of around the 9th of March???
  • Thanks girlies

    El pinko, your date sounds bang on, i now i didnt have sex on the 23rd 24th feb but defo had sex on the 8th march and this would all have worked in with my due date on the 30th of november, if i conceived on the 23rd 24th of feb he would have been due earlier than the 30t of nov would he not?

  • Don't forget it was a leap year!
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