Flat Head Please Help!!

Hi Girls

My wee boy is 4 weeks old tomorrow and Ive just noticed that the side of his head on which he lies is going flat, please help!! I dont know whats best to do to get it back to normal!!



  • Hi, BabyMoov sell a special pillow called the 'lovenest' for bb's - I bought one off ebay for my first as his head started to do this.
    This time I am making sure I place my bb on different sides each day to 'shape' his head & hopefully avoid 'flathead'...my mum said in her day they were told to do this to ensure bb had a nice shaped head. My first's head has mostly sorted itself out when he started to move lots in his sleep & wasn't always on his back anymore but I can still tell there is a slight slant on his skull.
    Aso when they are old enough make sure your LO gets plenty of 'tummy time' so there isn't always pressure on the back of their head.


  • its ok hun, my LO had major flat head when he was that age, at the 6 week check the doc said its ok cuz as his brain grows it'll fill out...sure enough, he's 12 weeks old today and his head looks great x
  • my lo had a really flat head on one side. it was like he cdidnt realise he could turn the other way. HV suggested a musical light toy to put on the side of his cot to make him want to turn his head the other way. It worked straight away. His head has evened out now but i can still tell which side was flat x
  • I'd try to keep him off that side when sleeping to stop it worsening. With Elizabeth, we put her on the other side and wedged her back with a towel to stop her rolling back over. Also, try to keep him off his back as young babies can also get flat heads at the back if left in that position too long.
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