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how long was it after you stopped bleeding did you have your first period, its been 5 weeks with me and i still havent had one????? :\?:\?


  • hi. my baby is 8 weeks old and i have just had the starting of what i think is my first period. i am fully breastfeeding as well. with my others i didn't have a period til 6 months plus.xxxx
  • god it can really varie then lol xx
  • I'm bottle feeding and have just started my first period since the pg. My little one is 9 weeks old today. Can't say I'm thrilled to have them back!!!
  • oh good, i keep wondering when mine will come, my lo is 4.5months! i was getting a bit worried...
  • ive had my first period aswell when ma little man was 4 wks still bleeding mind you i got the depo injection when he was 3 wks it just seems 2 have that effect on me it just my body getting used 2 it and when it does i dont have any periods at all yes!
  • Im bf - i hope i dont have one 4 ages!!!!
  • i bf my last baby and didnt have one till 13 months after she was born, im hoping they stay away that long this time too
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