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We are looking to buy a second stage 1 forward facing car seat for my husbands car as the one in my car is really fiddly and heavy to be changing over. We really don't want to spend much as it will rarely get used but I am worried that that will mean compromising on safety.
I get a bit obsessed about stuff like this and spent months researching before finally buying the bebe confort axis for my car - I love it, but really can't afford to spend much on a second seat. Also it would be far too big for hubby's car which is an old classic thing.
Hubby has looked on ebay (the only place he shops!) and found some basic ones for ??14.99 plus ??10 p&p which is a bargain. They are a make called nania which I've never heard of. They are brand new and have all normal safety standards.

What does everyone think? Should I spend more? Any ideas very welcome.

Cheers, Nicola.x


  • The only thing with buying of eBay is this.....My friend was going to buy a car seat of there a few weeks ago but the car seat didn't confrom to EC standards even though it said it did. As your precious little one will be in it, its best not to take a chance. They are expenisve things, we have just had to buy another car seat for Kelsie as she is to big for her last one. Was 75pound, and she uses it maybe once a month when we go to my mums. Neither OH or me drive so its more or less a waste of money! Kiddicare is quite reasonable, and mothercare have a half price sale on some of their car seats, and they'll check that the car seat fits in your car perfectly.

  • tbh, Nicola, i think you pay for what you get!, for a second stage car seat to be so cheap - although it may conform to British safety standards, how has it performed in crash tests? if you can find these tests results- and they are good-, then it sounds a bargain!

    when i had my first, as i researched the second stage one, i looked at Which? online - at the time, they had tested a Mothercare seat, given it an overall score of 0!! Mothercare immediately withdrew it, and recalled it ! you would think that to get one from them would have been safe!

    can you not look on-line at other seats, to see if these - even though more expensive, you know that in an accident that your lo would be safer.

    have a look at smaller shops, as they dont have the same overheads etc (i got my Maxi Cosi Tobi for ??40 less than Mothercare and Boots), or at some online stores - i know Kiddicare seems to be good, along with Precious Little One, but the girls on here have had trouble with Two Left Feet.

    you could also subscribe free to Which? for a month, look at what they tested, then cancel your subscription!

    sorry to sound so negative about the seat you have found (dont mean to sound nasty), but i worry when things sound to be good to be true!
  • hi, i have used a second stage car chair by nania, it cost me ??70 but i bought it from a shop. it was a great car chair, very well padded and supported my daughter very well. it had all the certification it needed to conform with the laws. i have now moved onto another nania car chair as she is now 3 years old and it is a booster combined with harness. it is a great car chair, but please do be wary of where you get your chair from no matter what the make. xx
  • hi there is a Nania seat tested by Which? online - haven't got a subscription so i haven't read the review. Its much more expensive than the ones you have seen though...about ??70.
  • Cheers ladies.
    I've decided not to risk the cheap ebay one. You are all right, it's not worth the risk to save a few pounds. I'd rather spend a bit more and have the peace of mind.
    Thanks for all the advice though, going to mothercare later to have a look.

  • also a lot of car seats dont fit every car, so youd be comprimising your babys safety if it didnt fit. Id go mothercare and they can test it for you, we went to buy one before xmas and they wouldnt sell it to us as it wouldnt fit in our pugeout, even though it was intended for our focus, therefore we are going back next week with the focus to get one fitted.
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