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Hi there
I was wondering if anyone could give me sound advice! My DD is 4 mths old and absolutely adores her dummy. I have tried taking it off her but she screamed and screamed until she vomited everywhere. It was so upsetting I vowed never to do that again. She sleeps brilliantly from 7 till 1030pm then I feed her, put her straight back down, she then sleeps till around 2am then wakes, dummy has fallen out, 4am dummy has fallen out then 6am...yes dummy fallen out! What can I do??? I dread the thought of taking it off her, HELP!


  • hi my three year old has just given hers up it wont be long befor she can find it her self so wen she can try putting a few in her cot then she stand more chance of getting it herself also try making sure you know were a spare is so u dont end up doin a dummy hunt middle off the night
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